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Public/Media Relations

Public Relations

We are PR experts who devote of our team's talents to providing our clients with the industry’s best PR strategy, counsel, services, measurement, and evaluation. Companies that want more customers and clients for their brand engage us to provide PR programs, web services, content development, etc to build awareness, understanding, trust, consideration and engagement for their brands among their target audiences.

Media Relations

Our media relations professionals know what makes a story — and have forged trusted relationships with those in the media who are most interested in telling those stories. This earns positive news media coverage for your company, its products/services, leaders, opinions, ideas and innovations – ultimately building your brand and reputation by increasing visibility, trust and loyalty among target industry contacts and consumers.


Public Affairs advert team’s goal is to provide strategic results-oriented print and electronic advertising, website development, apps, online digital advertising, graphic design, out-door, media buying and IT support to brands, Companies, Federal, State & LGs & their MDAs, Corporations, Associations, Institutes and not-for-profit organisations.


We create transformative outcomes for brands by harnessing the power of insights and creativity to develop a magnetic idea that creates positive momentum in the marketplace, delivered across channels, mediums and audiences. In today’s marketplace, ideas matter more than ever – ideas that audiences see as their own, which can be authentically expressed through a brand. The goal of brand marketing has been to recognize these opportunities and create a collaborative endeavor with the customer. Only when a brand taps into these opportunities do we see the kind of engagement that can create positive momentum in the marketplace and truly be transformative to the three areas most important to brands: launching products and services; repositioning themselves to create opportunity; and growing/expanding their positions of leadership.

Event Sponsorship

Public Affairs team members relying on their many years of experience and extensive networks in the MICE industry and beyond can help secure additional streams of funding/revenue for your events, whether this be through direct financial input or through benefits in kind such as support services and free products.

This is done with the realization that sponsorship is generally not a philanthropic gesture, but a business relationship between the event organiser and the sponsors. It is a two-way process whereby the sponsor is gaining rights and benefits in return for investment in the event.

With over two decades experience in providing event organisers with lucrative sponsorship revenue, there’s no better place to go than Public Affairs for Sponsors for your next event.

Experiential Marketing & Brand Activation

We build comprehensive experiential strategies, allowing our clients to connect with audiences in unique, memorable ways. Our process involves full immersion in your goals and culture, resulting in a customized brand experience.

Giving customers the chance to interact with and experience a product or service is the most powerful way to win brand loyalty. Through B-to-C activations ranging from product launches to mobile tours to product sampling, Public Affairs strategically engages consumers in their natural environments to establish deep brand connections. These initiatives, designed as part of an integrated campaign, increase consumers’ brand awareness, generate valuable press exposure, drive traffic and sales, and build customer loyalty.

Incentive Event & Tourism

Public Affairs offer incentive travel programmes that will reward, inspire and deliver improved performance for your board, management, staff and customers. We listen and fully engage with our clients to produce programmes that are unique, money can’t buy experiences. Our highly experienced and passionate team will ensure that your business objectives are met and return on investment is measured. we research continually to source the most imaginative and exciting incentive experiences.

Social Media Marketing & Management

Of all internet users, 74 percent are active on social media, making it an extremely effective tool for reaching most audiences. At Public Affairs, our team understands how to leverage the ever-evolving technologies, platforms and channels to help clients from all sectors measurably improve business outcomes. Our solutions help brands navigate and adapt to innovative new technologies. And our social suite of capabilities, integrated partnerships, and depth and breadth of global subject matter experts uniquely position our team, which believes magnetic content and social engagement drives business growth. We help connect the values of brands and organizations online with the values of their audience to create real passion, authentic exchange and what matters most — meaningful relationships.

Government/Stakeholders Management

We understand our clients’ obligations to their internal and external publics; if government - as stewards of public funds and if a publicly quoted company – managers of shareholders’ funds and the unique requirements for how each of them communicate. Public Affairs while operating at the intersection of industry, politics and culture bring knowledgeable and holistic counsel to our clients.

We bring political diversity to our work, with experts coming from the highest levels of government, political campaigns, corporations, media, law firms, NGOs and regulatory agencies. With a focus on data and insight-driven strategy, we accelerate change across platforms, driving results where influencers, traditional, digital and social media converge.

Crisis Communications Management

Every company faces a crisis at one point or another. Not having a crisis communications plan in place could mean the end of your company. If you handle a crisis correctly, you minimize and even leverage it to build deeper trust with customers and the community.

Events Management

Events are a great branding, marketing and communication vehicle for many organisations, both public and private. At Public Affairs, we believe corporate events should be professionally coordinated while allowing our clients to enjoy the entire planning experience.

Public Affairs are experienced planners who believe in inventive design, careful planning and thoughtful details. Whether you are looking for a small executive luncheon or a company meeting, product launch, employee recognition, you only have to make one call and that's to Public Affairs!

We pride ourselves on exceeding client’s expectations by delivering superior customer service and providing innovative conference management solutions while operating as a seamless extension of your team.

The event vendors we collaborate with are experts at what they do, and they will work very closely with us as we direct them on your vision and overall event needs. No matter the size of your event, Public Affairs guarantees your unforgettable corporate event.

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